airweave inc. associates with Tokyo 2020 as Official Partner

Image Credits: Tokyo 2020

airweave inc., the sleep solutions company joins Tokyo 2020 as an Official Partner. With its inclusion, Tokyo 2020 Summer Games has 19 official partners for the Games now. Also under their credits are 34 domestic partners.

The other category is the Worldwide TOP Partners wherein the Olympic Games have known multi-national companies viz. Coca-Cola, Atos, Bridgestone, Dow, GE, McDonald’s, Omega, Panasonic, Procter and Gamble, Samsung, Toyota and Visa.

According to the sponsorship program’s policies, the sponsors will be given rights to use Olympic and Paralympic designations and imagery including emblems, mascots and slogans.

Speaking on the occasion was the President, Tokyo 2020, Yoshiri Mori,” Through its intensive research on the importance of sleep, particularly for athletes, airweave inc. has become one of Japan’s leading total sleep solution companies.

He welcomed the company,” The company is constantly striving to provide the optimal sleeping environment, and it gives me great pleasure to welcome airweave inc. as a Tokyo 2020 Official Partner.”

As per its brand slogan “The Quality Sleep” airweave has aspirations to providing the best possible sleeping environment through continuous research and product development.

In 2013, airweave became an Official Partner of the Japanese Olympic Committee, and, at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games, the company supported Japan Olympic Team by offering special portable products customized for Olympic athletes. At the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, airweave will extend its product category (including bed frames, mattresses, pillows and cushions, comforters, bed linens, covers, pillow cases, and sheets) and strive to deliver the most comfortable sleeping environment for competing athletes.

On the occasion of this association,  Motokuni Takaoka, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of airweave, commented, “We are delighted to be the Official Bedding Partner of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games.”

Further he added, “Our philosophy is providing people with what we call “The Quality Sleep.” We’re looking forward to supporting the Tokyo 2020 Games as the bedding company that people can count on to make sure they get a good night’s sleep.”

“Through our support, we aim to contribute to the successful delivery of Tokyo 2020 Games that will provide lasting memories for all who witness them, and inspire dreams that motivate children to participate in sports,” he concluded.



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