CAB president Sourav Ganguly gets life threat from an unknown source

Sourav Ganguly (Image credit: The Times of India)

Kolkata: One of the most popular faces of cricket in India, CAB President and former captain Sourav Ganguly received death threats for which he had to call off his tour to Midnapore on January 5.

According to reports from ABP News, the former southpaw from Bengal received a letter with a life threat from an unknown source. The Kolkata police and the CAB have been taken aback by this news.

According to the portal the letter arrived at the residence of the CAB president that very day he was supposed to leave for Midnapore for some official work. The letter demanded that Ganguly should abandon his tour and stay at home or else he would be killed. “If you come to Midnapur, you will not return back alive then.”, the letter stated.

Ganguly, shocked as just many of the people around him decided to play this yorker defensively and called off his tour to Midnapore and stayed back home.

Investigations are on and the police haven’t arrested anyone yet. Also, no clear suspects haven’t been identified as the main reason behind such a letter remains an enigma. What adds to the mystery is the fact that the letter did not demand any favour.

Also, it is unsure as to whether this letter has been sent by a terrorist group or an individual.

Ganguly has been a big figure of cricket in India. During his playing days, he was one of the most aggressive left-handers who was known for his exquisite shots through the off-side which was just a treat to watch. Post retirement, he has been actively involved in the administration of cricket in Bengal and also became the President of the CAB after the demise of Late.

Jagmohan Dalmiya. He was also in the news recently for being a likely successor to Anurag Thakur as the BCCI President after the Thakur was dismissed off his services by the Supreme Court of India.

Cricket is something which unites people across borders and it is something which has a lot of followers throughout the world.
It is indeed saddening to hear such a news where a living legend of the gentleman’s game and one of India’s finest captains is receiving death threats. Terrorism has made a deep impact on our lives since the last year or so.

Let’s just hope that in the end, the domain of cricket remains unscathed from such immoral acts and hollow threats.



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