Champions Trophy final: Super Sunday for India-Pakistan sporting rivalry

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Kolkata: Sundays are always exciting but perhaps the 18th of June 2017, will always remain special for sports lovers. We all are waiting anxiously for the India-Pakistan final match of the Champions Trophy at The Oval right?

But here’s more good news. If that’s not enough to fill your appetite for a perfect Indo-Pak clash, there’s more in store, as in the same city, the two countries will clash again and this time, it’s in hockey.

Yes, there’s going to be another India-Pakistan encounter in the same city and on the same day. Well, the good thing about the match is that it’s going to take place at 6:30 pm IST, which also happens to be the time of the innings break of the Champions Trophy final.

Speaking of the match, it is a Hockey World League semi-final game where India has already made it to the upcoming World Cup. But an India-Pakistan encounter just cannot be missed, right?

The Champions Trophy final would nonetheless be an iconic one as everything is on the line here. If India wins, they’ll climb up the ladder to become the number one ranked ODI side, whereas a Pakistan victory would propel Sarfaraz Ahmed’s men to the sixth spot in the rankings of ODI teams.

Just before the final match, the psychological attacks have already begun from the Pakistani camp as premier pacer Mohammad Amir said that Indian skipper Virat Kohli would be under a lot of pressure as this would be his first major final as a captain.

Legends like Imran Khan, said that the final would be a great opportunity to restore the pride of the team after their humiliating 124-run loss in the first game against India.

Aamir Sohail also added to the talks before the match as he said that India were a better side than Pakistan but Virat Kohli’s men might become complacent, which might come to the aid of the men in green.

Kohli, who has three not outs so far in the tournament has played some fine innings so far and even his average- a whopping 253 suggests the same. The Indian team has been in commanding form barring that odd game against Sri Lanka and is looking all good to retain the title they had won four years back.

As a matter of fact, Kohli is trying to keep himself as focused as he possibly can by staying away from social media ahead of the marquee clash. He said, “The biggest thing is to stay off social media.”

He also added that the suggestions and criticisms coming from all sides aren’t distracting him. “If you’re too distracted listening to too many suggestions or players or criticism, then you can’t focus on what you need to think as a sportsman first to be able to lead the team and then help the others in the team as well..The more relaxed you stay in these situations it’s a good thing, because it helps you take better decisions when you are composed and calm mentally.”

Kohli’s performance is crucial in deciding India’s chances in the high-octane clash. With Pakistan looking to script history by claiming their first ever Champions Trophy title, India would not be easy opponents to go through as they are tough and are the defending champions for a reason.

An exciting Sunday of India vs Pakistan sporting rivalry awaits us.



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