Hard work is my only Godfather- Anurag Mazumdar, Indian Roll Ball Player

When the whole country is talking about “Make in India”, let us relook at “Roll Ball”, a game of Indian origin which is a combination of three different games, i.e. , Basketball, Handball & Skating. The Game was invented by Mr. Raju R. Dabhade of Pune. He was later awarded with “Raja Mantri Puraskar” from the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Late Vilasrao Deshmukh in 2005. Till now the game witnessed three World Cups; first one in 2011 at Pune, won by Denmark and India stood runner up, while the second world cup was held in Kenya in 2013 where India won followed by the third World Cup in December 2015 where India defended the title. The International Roll Ball federation includes 19 countries and this game is being played by 28 countries at present.

Mr. Anurag Mazumdar (member of the Indian Roll Ball team) spoke to us about his life experiences before and after Roll Ball happened to him. He calls himself a small town boy but it is quite evident that “Small town doesn’t mean small talent.” He has proved that determination and focus can really move mountains.

Something about you…

I am an ordinary guy, or you can say a small town boy. I come from a lower middle class family. Hard work is my only godfather. My family has been supportive which has made things a little easier to me.

Your inspiration towards this Game…

One day I touched my cousin’s skates which he had warned me against touching and he caught me red handed. He slapped me for which I was deeply hurt. From that day onward I started collecting money to buy my own skates. I used to sell rags and was able to collect some 200 rupees which were not sufficient and my parents weren’t giving me any money to buy skates, my grand- father saw me crying and took me with him to the market to buy skates. I don’t have any special Inspirational Story . It all started with a wish and became my life. I learnt skating on my own and some 4-5 years later I came across a skating class and that is where my journey began.

Routine & Practice… 

I get up at 4:30 in the morning and do fitness exercises for an hour. After which I go to the ground to practice, where I play for around two and a half hours. And in the evening I go to ground and practice for another 3 hours or so. Between my practice sessions I have school and tuition to be attended too.

Aspirations in career as a Roll Ball player…

Last year I played my first international game (Sheikh Rassel 2nd South Asian Roll Ball Championship 2014) at Bangladesh in the playing 6. India won the Championship. Then we had the 3rd Roll Ball World Cup at Pune and I was selected to play for India. My only aim is to play and bring laurels for the country. And then serve as a coach so that I can give back everything this sport has given me. This game has changed my life. It has made an ordinary boy a known sportsperson.

“Our stories may not be up to mark for daily soaps but all of us have a story of the beginnings. Life is too short to waste over worries. Just pick up your shoes and go out playing whatever you love. Success is in your smile.” – said Anurag Mazumdar, at the end of this conversation.



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