I find that the Indian players have the most unique skills- Tyler Lovell

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Tyler Lovell has been part of some of the recent tournament wins of the Kookaburras team. Goalkeeping, which is a crucial part of any team’s defense structure in a Field Hockey Game, is something which associates Tyler with the game. He spoke with us about his career, favorite moments at sports and more.

Career snippets- in your words…

I have been very lucky to come into such an established world-class team, being a part of the kookaburras is a privilege and something we all work extremely hard to be a part of and to continue the success.

I believe our success isn’t because we have the best players in the world, its is because we have an amazing work ethic and team culture the is continuously searching to be exceptional in everything we do.

Cricket vs Hockey- why Hockey…

I love cricket, unfortunately I was not as good as it as I am in hockey and I naturally progressed down the hockey pathway.

Every opportunity I get I go back and play a game a Forrestfield Cricket Club with my mates where I grew up playing.

Favorite moments from sports, favorite personal performances, and of the Kookaburras team…

There are a few, I loved watch Matthew Hayden and Justin Langer open the batting in test matches for Australia, the Kookaburras winning gold in Athens 2004, Adam Gilchrist 149 runs in the world cup final in 2007.

My personal favorite moment would have to be playing in the winning 2014 Hockey World Cup, playing in front of 18,000 people in such an amazing tournament.

That decision at the Champions Trophy final…

It was a disappointing way to finish the tournament, we didn’t get to go up on stage and celebrate, as we should have.

However I do understand why the Indian Team appealed and hopefully it will improve for RIO as we don’t want that happening at the Olympics.

My understanding was the breach happened with in the 8 seconds and the right outcome was achieved.

Coaches you have worked under- their contributions in your game…

I have had many different coaches. As a young player you get told a lot of different things when you are growing up and you need to decide what is best for you, everyone is slightly different.

The number one thing I appreciate is honesty from coaches, not sugar coated, the hard truth is the best, it makes you stronger and better.

Goalkeeping & the kind of training it requires…

I personally work very hard on my technique, I am not a diving keeper so I do a lot of work on moving fast around the goal face.

I find once you dive you are on the ground and if you don’t clear the ball first time you are not in a good position to save the second shot.

Training and fitness regime for longevity of a Field Hockey career…

It is forever changing but you need to be fit and strong. We do a mix of weights in the gym with running, riding, swimming. Then we will measure our workload  throughout training and if we aren’t ding enough we will have top up running. You need to look after your body and have it in the best shape possible to get the most out. Diet is now becoming a big thing for us.

The toughest team to face at Goal post, your favorites among the contemporary hockey players and the all- time greats…

At the international level most strikers are very tough to save, everyone has different skills so it would be tough to say exactly. I find the Indian players have the most unique skills, the Dutch and German’s have also very skillful players.

My favorite player would have to be our own Jamie Dwyer, he works so hard at his game and is a once in a lifetime player and to top it off he is a genuine person who always has time for people.

One skill that you’d like to keep improving…

Goal saving in close, deflection saves, most goals are scored from within the spot area so that is one thing that I need to keep working on.

One favorite dream related to Hockey…

Winning a gold medal at an Olympic Games, the pinnacle of our sport, this would be amazing.



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