IFSC monthly show gets Eurosport as the Broadcaster in 47 countries

Image Credits: IFSC Media

In a bid to promote Climbing to more nations and to increase the reach of the sport, the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) has signed a deal with Eurosport to broadcast its monthly
highlights show in Asia Pacific, adding 47 new territories to the show’s worldwide exposure.

The move, which will not only bring more kids to embrace the sport, but it is seen inline with the quest of the International federation’s for possible inclusion into Olympic Program- as an additional event.
The International Federation’s monthly program features a range of information about the World Cups and World Championships in Lead, Speed and Boulder disciplines, plus athlete profiles and
climbing lifestyle features.

The show, which is there to support the claim of the sport for an Olympic integration, is now broadcast in 135 countries. It is the IFSC’s exclusive media partner, Broadreach Media, which distributes the media rights of the show. Other than Broadreach Media, the broadcasters are Fox Sports for Australia, Africa and Europe, OSN for the Middle East and Setanta Sports for Ireland.

Just before this deal, in April, IFSC announced an extension to its television deal in Japan to include for the first time guaranteed terrestrial television exposure with Japanese state broadcaster NHK, in addition to a renewal of its existing deal with SkyA.



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