Indian Premier League : The Disneyland of Cricket

Picture Credits: cricketwa

IPL is to cricket what Disneyland is to children. No, it is not a relative comment, it is absolutely true. The excitement, the happiness, the thrill and hysteria felt watching the IPL is nothing less than a kid having his time in Disneyland. Cricket is just a part of it, IPL is a complete bonanza.

During the launch of the inaugural IPL, the presenters had termed it quite similar to a bollywood movie. Both last for 3 hours, are full of action, drama and suspense. Only thing missing was the song and dance sequences, which was taken care by the lovely cheerleaders and the DJs playing in the stadium. The timings : Primetime at 8 PM, perfectly tailored for all, everyone generally is back home from office, college or elsewhere. For two months, it is the daily dose of entertainment.

On the ground, IPL is nothing short of fantasy for cricket buffs. Except dreams, just imagine where else would you find this happening:

– Batting Order reads Sehwag, Gambhir, Warner, De Villiers (Delhi Dardevils – 2008 – 2010)

– Harbhajan Singh and Andrew Symonds playing for the same side (Mumbai Indians 2011-13)

– Sachin Tendulkar batting with Ricky Ponting (Mumbai Indians – 2012-13)

– Batting Order includes Chris Gayle, Virat Kohli, AB De Villiers (RCB)

Droolworthy? This is the stuff, which dreams are made of. IPL has given the cricket fans which they could never think of.

Not just on the grounds, in the stands is where the buzz is. The atmosphere is electric. Music playing, people dancing, fireworks and what not. Out in the cities, every pub and café has IPL screening live on theatre like screens. There is partying all around. If anything I can think of, it is quite close to the Rio festival, less the costumes I guess.

The impact of IPL is beyond imagination. Most of the cricket boards across the world have started making a window for IPL. They try not to plan any series during that time so that their players are available for IPL, as the players had started opting out of national team`s tournaments to be a part of IPL. And why not, the moneys at stake is humongous.

IPL may be all glamour to the onlookers but inside it is cricket after all. IPL has given chances to hundreds of new and budding cricketers to taste the game at the big stage. Players from the Ranji trophy circuit and other domestic leagues all over the world are now playing with their idols. If not for IPL, majority of the domestic players would never have made it to the senior teams. IPL has made heroes from nothings. IPL has made thousands of dreams come true and many many more to come.



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