Indian Women Archers have a bitter day at the Ranking Rounds

Deepika Kumari (Image Credit:

It’s been a bitter sweet day for Indian archers in the ranking rounds today.

Where Atanu Das finished on Rank 5 in men’s individual, Deepika Kumari finished on 20th, Bombayla Devi Laishram on 24th and Laxmirani Majhi on 43rd in Women’s Individual. India too finished on 7th position in Women’s Team with 1892 points.

It was a journey of ups and downs and there were moments of bliss and moments of horror during the game.

Deepika Kumari, 22, star of Indian archery Team, was on everyone’s mind when the first round started. With giving a very good start, she scored 52 and occupied the 9th position. As the game proceeded, Deepika showed skills by climbing up to 8th position in second and third round, then to 3rd position in the fourth round and to the top in the fifth round. All the mouths that spoke of her performance during the London Olympics shut. But midway i.e. round 6, was a bad round for Deepika. She scored 49 points and dropped to 5th position. The decline was yet to come and horror struck in the seventh round when she slipped to 18th position after scoring just 46 points in the round. In rounds 8 and 9, Deepika thrived hard to go back in the top 10 but in round 10 dropped down to 23rd position. And finally after the game, with a total score of 640 points, Deepika finished on 20th position. Being such a great athlete and after showing her best in first few rounds, Indians have their hopes high from Deepika.

Bombayla Devi Laishram, 31, the senior most member of the Indian archery team too had a roller coaster ride during the course of the event. Starting with 35th position in the 1st round, but gradually climbing up in successive rounds Bombayla climbed up to 8th position in round 6. But she could not keep that position intact for very long. In the rounds after, there was a gradual down fall in her performance. Yet she managed to land on the 24th position after the final round with 638 points.

Making a debut in Olympics, Laxmirani Majhi started with an average performance by securing 19th position in the 1st round and 21st position in the 2nd round. But apparently the Olympic pressure got her weak on her knees and in the 3rd round slipped down to 40th position. Later was a bumpy ride for her and the biggest depression on her performance scale was in Round 7, slipping down to 54th position. But she pulled up herself and finally finished on the 43rd position.

India as a team kept going up and down on the rank scale as the ladies performed and finally secured it’s place on the 7th rank with 1892 points.

Women’s Individual and team’s main rounds are starting from 8th August while the semi finals and finals will be held on the 13th of August. The entire country’s hopes lies on the players and with the ranking round ending on bitter note for women, the trio will now have to prepare themselves for the upcoming rounds.



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