It is really important to be around people who support you all the way- Snježana Pejčić

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She’s the ISSF Shooter of the Year 2015, She’s the best Women’s 3P Rifle shooter, She’s just collected the third medal of the season in a row, with 6 points of advantage on her competitors. Yes, I’m talking about the Croatian Shooter Snježana Pejčić. Pejčić took up shooting sport at 15 and she is a member of Lokomotiva sport shooting club in Rijeka. Her first great success came at the 2008 Summer Olympics where she won a bronze.

Third ISSF World Cup and third medal of the season…

Every WC is a story for itself, and each one is difficult. I’m doing my best to have good technical match and trying not to think about the previous one.

Association with Lokomotiva club…

I train in my club, Lokomotiva, and they are always there for me. It is really important to be around people who support you all the way. That’s the case with me and my club.

Coach Seno Custo and his contributions in your growth as a Shooter…

We have been working together for past 16 years now and really understand each other. We have a plan of how to work and so far it looks good.

ISSF World Cup 2016 at Rio de Janeiro, the world record of highest individual score in 50 M Rifle 3 positions and other moments…

That was really an amazing match. After almost perfect 2 positions I struggle at the beginning of standing but manage to put myself together and finish the match.

And what makes me especially happy is that after shooting a world record I manage to focus, shoot  good finals and win the gold.

Equipment and their testing prior to a competition…

I check my equipment every chance I get. It’s important to know that everything is in order, gives you peace of mind and then you can focus on shooting.

Training and Preparations for the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics…

Nothing is special, really. I’m preparing the same I did for the previous seasons, only the peak of the season is different. I had training camp in Israel after WC in Bangkok and I will go for a week in Serbia in July.

I don’t want to overdo it because rest is equally important as training.



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