ITU introduces strong Governance Policies

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In a press release on the subject, the International Triathlon Union has announced that they are adopting strong governance policies. The ITU Executive Board, chaired by ITU President Marisol Casado, recently met at the World Triathlon Leeds to hold its first meeting of the year where several strong governance policies were reviewed.

The meeting saw the Board discussing about several important topics including funds for development projects, event sanction rules, best ethics practices, the approval of future ITU calendars,etc.

Speaking about the meeting and the decisions taken, the ITU President Marisol Casado said, “More than ever it is important to ensure strong governance policies are in place.”

Casado, who’s also an IOC Member, furthered his statement, “I’m very proud that our Executive Board came forward with several proposals to ensure triathlon remain a leader in fair sport.  I’m confident ITU is continuing to move in the right direction.”

In a three-day meeting, the Board reviewed an Ethics Code developed by the ITU Constitution Committee. The Ethics Code  safeguards the integrity, reputation and the interests of all the stakeholders in the sport of Triathlon including, but is not limited to, the National Federations, Continental Confederations, Athletes, Race Organisers, Officials, Sponsors, spectators and the ITU itself.

The ethics code will protect the image of Triathlon-sport from jeopardy or harm due to immoral or unethical activities, methods and practices and ensure the sport’s commitment to the Agenda 2020.

Also, in the meeting, the ITU Executive Board voted on procedures for the 2016 ITU elections, to be conducted in December at the ITU Congress in Madrid, taking into consideration the recommendations from ITU’s Constitution Committee. The proposal advocates about ensuring gender balance on each ITU Committee and Constitution, as well as introduction of three term limits for the ITU Presidency. The term limit proposal will be reviewed by the Constitution Committee, and voted on by the member NSFs at the ITU Congress in December.

Also accepted was a proposal on the eligibility criteria of any international Triathlon event wishing to be sanctioned by ITU, including those organised by private companies. National events, organized by any private organisers, must be sanctioned by the ITU member National Federation (NF).

The Board decided on who would represent ITU on the Para-triathlon Bipartite Commission, and rule updates which are to be made public soon.

The next meeting of the Executive Board will be held in Rio de Janeiro during the Rio 2016 Summer Games, as well as at the end of the year at the Annual Congress in December.



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