Jaipur Pink Panthers hold the nerves to win match in last minute

Image Credit: prokabaddi.com

It could have been anyone’s game as Delhi set the momentum high right from the first raid by getting Jasvir Singh out on the first raid. But Jaipur came out as clean winner in the last minute of the game closing the match with a win of 24-22 points. With this win Jaipur is leading the point table in PKL- 4. It took Jaipur their third raid to get the first point when only four players of team were on the mat. In the first five minutes, Jaipur was not willing to open up their cards and playing safe with five players.

But it was not late for Jaipur even after the 6th minute when score was tied at 4-4. Momentarily getting the scored tied, Jaipur opened all cards at once by making Delhi all out in 10th minute of the game. It was fighting Delhi who never gave up hope even after first all out making Jaipur players sweat for each point and adding on strong raid points. The momentum was all set for a tough second half when Delhi was just three points behind Jaipur at the end of the first half by 14-11.

It seemed that Miraz was going to play crucial role in second half with as he is doing consistently over the Kabaddi league. The point table of second half was opened by Jasvir Singh on Do or Die raid where he got just one point. The captain of Jaipur Jasvir played smart in the second half by not letting Delhi get points on super tackle as he was just wasting the time. Delhi was approaching another all out and needed one super raid when Miraz came as a fighter to get a bonus for Delhi when he sent off two strong defenders of Jaipur out of the court. After Miraz Sheykh super raid, Delhi was fully charged in defense and raid by closing the point gap.

Just 10 minutes was left in the match when Miraz again came with a magic wand to get Jasvir out in the game. The last 10 minutes was for Miraz as he was playing solo by avoiding again an all out for Delhi and getting bonus + point. But the magic of Miraz came in too little too late as Jaipur held the match till last minute to win it by a gap of two points. The fighting Miraz was named best raider of the match but sadly it was one man show by Delhi as they lost the match and will hope to bounce back in upcoming matches of PKL-4.



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