The leader in MS Dhoni is still alive

MS Dhoni (Image Credit: The Indian Express)

Kolkata: There’s no stopping MS Dhoni! Despite getting a raw deal from the Pune Supergiants, the guy from Ranchi hasn’t given up and his skills as a leader have not diminished. Leading Jharkhand to the semi-finals of the Vijay Hazare Trophy, Dhoni has once again proved his detractors wrong. As a leader, he still is a force to reckon with and the message is loud and clear.

The Pune Supergiants cited age as a reason to remove Dhoni as the skipper of the team. Dhoni may have got over his prime but his abilities with the willow and his leadership skills show no sign of slowing down. The Vijay Hazare Trophy is an example. Jharkhand now aims to win the trophy under his expert guidance. The crowd-pulling ability of Dhoni in these matches prove that people still want to see one of India’s best skippers live in action.

Yes, he might have had downfalls in his career. And yes, he has gone against his seniors at certain points in his career. But, we must keep in mind that whatever he did was for the betterment of the team. He has been the most successful Indian skipper. Captaincy is a thankless job because you are bound to take harsh calls which may not earn you bouquets. Yet, Dhoni stood his ground and never buckled under pressure and his record as a captain at the international level bears testimony to his potential as a leader.

Dhoni, the captain has given India two World Cups and has been elected the best ODI player twice in his career. He has given us a bag full of memories, memories to cherish forever and lastly, he has left behind a legacy, a proud legacy!

And he once again has proved that the leader in him has not faced a sudden demise. Despite being shown the way out by the Pune Supergiants, he still perseveres and hasn’t lost the zeal as a captain. Kudos to him!



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