Leicester City’s unbelievable feat- Announcement on World Stage

Today, I feel proud to have witnessed one of the greatest miracles of the sporting world. No superstars, no money, no fancy stadium, no excuses, no fear- Just passion, hunger, desire and determination. Leicester city completed one of the supreme achievements when the 5,000-1 underdogs won the English Premier League for the first time in its 132-year old history. What Cludio Ranieri and his side has done will be remembered for a very long time. It’s a lesson that not only the other lower ranked teams but we as a human being also need to learn that – ‘Nothing is impossible’.

It’s not just a victory but a truly inspiring story altogether.

English soccer has not had a first-time champion of the top flight since Nottingham Forest in 1978. And for the last twenty years the Premier League trophy has never left London or Manchester, with Arsenal, Chelsea, United and City sharing the trophy between them. Unlike that title-winning quart-let or 1995 champion Blackburn, Leicester has achieved success without lavish spending on its squad.

Just two years ago Jamie Vardy, Riyad Mahrez and many of his teammates were playing in the second tier and then came close to instantly dropping out of the Premier League.

They started this season as among the favorites to be relegated again.

A team, that was struggling to make it to the top brass and were hanging just above the relegation zone are the champions today. The truth is that even those on the inside at Leicester shake their heads in disbelief, half-expecting to rub their eyes one morning and realize it was all a dream.

Nobody at Leicester would dare to claim that they saw this coming, yet that is not to say that they struggle to come up with reasons why everything has spectacularly fallen into place, chief among them being the exhilarating mix of team spirit and talent within a group of players who possess a rare commodity in a game awash with money : willingness to succeed.

Leicester City, who miraculously escaped relegation last term, having won seven of their last nine matches, is now champions.

Leicester City, which as recently as 2009, was in the third tier, is king of all 92 English league clubs.

In the end, a great display of football season came to end with Leicester City winning the league with ease. Hail Claudio Ranieri, Hail Leicester City.


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