MCC releases first ever Laws of Cricket App

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In a first ever for as marketed a sport as Cricket is, as claimed by people from other sports as well, the Marylebone Cricket Club releases in market, the “Laws of Cricket” app.

If you go on the search engine Google and type Cricket App, you’ll 2,61,00,000 results for your query within .82 seconds and majorly these are related to “live scores”, “cricket news”,”breaking news”, “cricket statistics” and other aspects. Now within your query, you’ll find a link or two for the Laws of Cricket app. And if you search for Laws of Cricket app, you’ll see 6,13,000 search results in 0.56 seconds.

A “Free to download” app, available on Android and iOS devices, the app explains the laws of cricket with imagery, animation and quizzes in a language which is so easy for the starters as well that they can get benefited with sound cricketing knowledge.

MCC has been the guardian of laws and spirit of Cricket and been there like that since 1787 when it was founded. Coming back to the app, it explains all 42 laws of this game into eight sections explaining everything from how to set up a game to appeals and modes of dismissals.

Describing further about the laws are 15 Laws animations available to view, all of which are voiced by writer, broadcaster and actor Stephen Fry. The app through its animation and imagery explains various Laws including ‘Damaging the Pitch’ and ‘Obstructing the Field’.

Speaking about the app, Derek Brewer, Chief Executive of MCC, said: “A lot of development work has gone in to this application and it is another example of MCC’s commitment to investing in digital – an area in which the Club strives to remain ahead of the curve within cricket.”

“As Guardians of the Laws and Spirit of Cricket, it is vital that MCC embraces the new audiences that the sport has gained in recent years and makes the Laws of the game even more accessible,” he further added.

Stephen Fry, in this app, is aided by an animated character ‘Tommy’, a young cricketer who learns from the Laws simulations throughout the animations. 18 separate videos of umpire signals, designed to help players, officials and fans to decipher exactly what an umpire’s movements mean are also clubbed inside the app to support the learning of the laws.

The app which has been developed by MCC alongside digital agency Mobanode, who have previously produced the Laws of Rugby app for World Rugby, also features Laws quiz, to test on knowledge acquired through interacting with the app. It caters for a wide range of cricketing experience with ‘Beginner’, ‘Intermediate’ and ‘Advanced’ levels available to select. The cricketing experience scores of learners can be shared via social media.

Concluding his statement about the app, Brewer, said,“This app is the perfect introduction to the game for a new supporter. There is also plenty within it that will appeal to players of all ages, officials, coaches and more traditional cricket supporters who want to brush up on their knowledge.”



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