Nothing lasts forever- Shout out by a Federer fan

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However you may console yourself but you knew this was coming. Having grown up watching Federer play, Life was such a poetic delight. Each year the grand slams had a meaning. You had your man your champ going out there to fight it out. You always felt blessed to be watching a game of majestic tennis. The one handed backhand, the pickup shot, the movement, the return, the weighted forehand and the net play it goes on and on every shot is like wow. But it won’t be there this year at Roland-Garros, the world will be devoid of the beautiful game of Federer.

For speculators he is not dying and he hasn’t called for his retirement but after 16 years, 65 consecutive Grand Slam tournaments – Federer won’t feature in a grand slam tournament due to injury.

The news came on Thursday, Federer’s back injury which was a source of major discomfort for him in 2013 has reoccurred and due to it he will not be participating this year at Paris in the 2nd grand slam of the season The French Open. His case was that though he has made some recovery but he is still not 100% fit and in order to extend his career and not take risk he won’t be playing.

It was exactly this moment when fans all over the world have started to come in terms to reality that soon the King of tennis may retire. He is not getting any younger, his body is taking a toll as he approaches 35 in August, he may say that he has still never thought about calling it a day but you can see it coming, the writing on the wall is there. Please NO

Federer may have failed to add to his 17 titles since 2012 but his fans have still not given up on the hope of him adding another and he too on his part has come close by reaching the finals at US Open and Wimbledon only to be bettered by Djokovic.

It is difficult at times to come in terms with reality, but over the past few years fans have been trying but they have failed each time and its Roger who is to be blamed WHY IS HE SO GOOD.

Every year before the start of Grand Slam every Roger fan tries to remain calm and think that he is there to enjoy so must we so no pressure Roger just go and play. No Pressure Enjoy yes Enjoy you have given us so many moments to cherish but as the tournament progresses and Federer beats one opponent after the other with so much ease and boom he is the semifinal and then it starts we as fans start to defy we develop that hope in hearts of hearts we wish that Roger will reach the final win it for 18th time.

For fans he is God on the court they pray for his success they cry when he cries they celebrate when he wins but all this will end French Open and then soon one day he will say good bye and then?

But then maybe what if he will not retire and play till 40 another 5 years will win no 18.  He will come out of this injury stronger and win at Wimbledon. Lets go Roger. I am already imagining him holding the trophy with Mirka and his two twins in the players box.

Fans will be fans.



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