Novak Djokovic: The Phenomenon

Image Credits: foxsports

There is no denial that Novak Djovokic or “The Djoker” as his fans call him is in red- hot form. He has held the No. 1 spot in the ATP rankings for a total of 197 week and still counting. His 11 Grand Slam singles titles makes him tied with Björn Borg at number four on the all-time Open Era’s winners list. Since 2011 he has won a Grand Slam every year and with having won the Australian open this year, he won’t be going home empty in 2016 either.

Rafael Nadal has his cross-court forehead, Federer his grace and super human abilities, the man he is level with Björn Borg had an ice-cold temperament.

The question that arises for any tennis enthusiast is what is it that makes Djokovic so special?

For Djokovic may not have a game which is very pleasing to the eye as Federer, the long rallies blunt hitting of the tennis balls is not any close to Nadal, his chest pumping or talking to himself in between matches doesn’t make him ice-cold either. What clicks for Djokovic is his iron will, his unrelenting ability to fight back. He keeps on fighting till his opponent tires down. Throw anything at him he will return it back to you bigger and better.

The best display of his ability is in 5 set matches, I doubt there has been ever a player like him who takes the game to a different level in a 5 set encounter. When most people flutter in five set encounters, his fitness and mental strength reigns supreme.

He doesn’t get bogged down by pressure but actually enjoys the pressure and come out supreme.

It is this ability that makes him better than Federer who simply fizzes off in most five set matches or Nadal who has developed fitness problems and has failed to reach a similar level on hard courts as he has on clay. For Djokovic surfaces don’t matter either you cannot call him a clay court or a grass court specialist he is an all-rounder.  His game is like that of a boxer in a knock out match who will take beating after beating just  to tire his opponent and then deliver the knock-out punch.

A few years ago, when Federer was starting to peak out doubt bells had started to ring that Men’s tennis was becoming like the Women’s draw and no one individual will be able to dominate but then Djokovic came, saw and conquered.



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