Our vision is based on three core concepts: “Achieving Personal Best”, “Unity in Diversity”, and “Connecting to Tomorrow”- Mrs. Hikariko Ono, Tokyo 2020 Spokesperson

Athletes & Children in Tohoku affected areas in October 2015. Credit: Tokyo 2020 - Shugo Takemi

Tokyo will host the 2020 version of the Summer Olympics & Paralympics, after Rio De Janeiro which is hosting the Games this year. The Tokyo 2020 Summer Games Organising Committee has been trying very hard to bring positive changes through these games. We tried to enquire about the preparation, legacy and other aspects related to Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Here is an excerpt:

The Legacy, Vision & mission of Tokyo 2020 Summer Games…

We believe that sport has the power to change the world and our future. The Tokyo 1964 Games completely transformed Japan. The Tokyo 2020 Games, as the most innovative in history, will bring positive change through sport.
It will not merely be a sporting event held in Tokyo from July to September in 2020, but a celebration that will go far beyond sports in many respects.
Of course, there will be tangible legacies with eight new venues and the Athletes’ Village, but our legacies will not limited to just brick and mortar. We want to inspire the youth of the world in Tokyo – a city that has long captured the imagination of young people.

Objectives which guide the Organising Committee…

Our vision is based on three core concepts: “Achieving Personal Best”, “Unity in Diversity”, and “Connecting to Tomorrow”.
We ensure that every aspect of Games delivery incorporates the relevant principles laid out in the Games Vision, including in the development of venues and infrastructure and the staging of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies.

Unchanged features of the Summer Games…

As for every Games, there will be a torch relay, an Opening Ceremony and medals. However, we believe that each edition of the Olympic and Paralympic Games is unique and we want to make the Tokyo 2020 Games unforgettable in many ways.

The changes Tokyo 2020 Summer Games will bring in Tokyo/Japan…

The Games will leave great sporting legacies in Tokyo with eight new permanent venues and inspire children in Japan and abroad to do sport.
Moreover, the 2020 Games are also an opportunity for Japan, for its capital and for the Japanese business community to amaze the world in areas not directly related to the Games.
Specifically, we are hoping to develop and popularise a diverse range of technological innovations. These include hydrogen-powered vehicles, multilingual translation devices, and enhanced sports-related data devices equipped with the very latest ICT technologies,
Finally, we want to capitalise on hosting the Paralympic Games to showcase our Games vision concept of “Unity in Diversity” in a world where everyone accepts one another and in a city accessible to everyone through universal design.

Preparation against timelines…

The preparations are going very well, the International Olympic Committee and the International Paralympic Committee recognise the progress we have made with our preparations.

We are soon to enter the delivery phase. New venues will be built between the year 2016 and 2019. The National Stadium will be completed in November 2019. And test events will start around one year prior to the Games although the exact schedule has yet to be confirmed.

Sponsorships activities & strategies…

We have already concluded Gold Partner contracts with 15 different companies. Gold Partners constitute the highest domestic sponsorship tier. Additionally, we have concluded 13 Tier 2 sponsorship contracts. Tier 2 sponsors are known as Official Partners.
To date, we are delighted that our sponsorship activities have been proceeding extremely well. We are continuing to exert our utmost efforts to recruit further sponsors who will be able to contribute financially and provide technologies and expertise, which will enable us to deliver the best possible Games

Events for social/spectator connect…

The Olympic Agenda 2020 enables Organising Committees to propose additional event(s) for inclusion in its particular edition of the Olympic Games. We are deeply honoured and very excited to be the first-ever OCOG to be accorded the opportunity to contribute to the innovative design of the Olympic programme.

The Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee has proposed 18 events drawn from five very different sports (Baseball/Softball, Karate, Skateboarding, Sports Climbing, and Surfing).

We believe this package of additional events will further engage the Japanese population and stir the imagination of young people around the world.
The final decision on the inclusion of these events will be made at the 129th IOC Session in Rio in August.

Awareness programmes…

We are already preparing with all our delivery partners –the national and various local governments as well as the national Olympic and Paralympic Committees – Culture and Education programmes.
These will not only be taking place during the 2020 Games but also in the lead-up to the Games and long after the Games have finished.
We also have a partnership with more than 780 universities in Japan which let us exchange a lot with the young generation.

Global impact…

We have a global vision for the benefit of sport and the Olympic Movement. In the last five years, we in Japan have witnessed the significant role athletes and sport can play in society. We have rediscovered the power of sport to act as a force for good following the 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

Now, we are determined to share that inspiration and promote the Olympic values.

Tokyo’s bid was about Japan’s commitment to address issues around the integrity of sport. Today, Tokyo 2020 is even more committed to contributing to safeguard the place of sport in society in these fast-changing and challenging times for sport.

Plans to achieve the status of Global sports destination & how the sports culture of the country be showcased…

Tokyo is already a world-renowned city with which has hosted dozens of international sporting events in recent years and demonstrated its operational capabilities.
However, we do aim to showcase the city during Tokyo 2020, with strategic use of temporary venues in spectacular locations and iconic landmarks.

We hope the Games to boost the Tokyo’s popularity and contribute to the recent growth of international tourists in Japan.

(Mrs. Hikariko Ono is the Official Spokesperson of Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics & Paralympic Games. Her profile has been a showcase of an illustrious career as the Managing Director of the Japan Foundation, the Deputy Cabinet Secretary for Public Affairs of the Prime Minister’s Office & Director of the Public Diplomacy Strategy Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan).



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