Racketball changes to ‘Squash 57’ in Global Rebranding


Logo of Squash 57 (Image Credit: wsf)

In a global rebranding initiative, World Squash Federation announces Racketball to be rebranded as Squash 57. The change has been brought in to eliminate any confusion with Racquetball, a North American game played on a much larger courts with no tin and a different ball.

Earlier this year that the premier Squash body of the world, in partnership with England Squash, signposted this change. Squash 57 (or Racketball) is played with a larger ball and a shorter racket. The new name focuses on the key difference to squash – the larger ball, which has a maximum diameter of 57mm (compared with 40mm for a squash ball).

The Name-change will ensure that the game, which is a popular introduction to squash and can keep generations of players fit and active, and playing on court well into later years, is seen as a part of the squash family.

Following poll through a questionnaire to more than 20,000 England Squash members, focus groups, and consultation with other stakeholders including international federations and equipment companies, the new name has been selected.

Speaking on the occasion of rebranding of the game, WSF Chief Executive Andrew Shelley said: “There is no doubt that the game, already popular in England with 12,000 weekly participants, will grow to complement squash in many other countries.”

Further he added,”Whilst current players will doubtlessly still call Squash 57 by its old name, the change has formally been made. As it grows, Squash 57 will be seen more clearly as a discipline of squash, and may even give us greater chance of adding it to major events such as the Commonwealth and other major Games in future.”

Also present on the occasion was England Squash CEO Keir Worth, who added: “We support the WSF’s position and hope that an increased synergy between squash and Squash 57 will broaden appeal and create a stronger playing community. We are excited to be working in partnership with the WSF and will drive Squash 57 to the widest possible audience.”

The changed name will be effective from 1st October.



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