Rahul Dravid’s India colts remain passionate despite repeated adversities

Rahul Dravid with India colts (Image credit: Blogspot)

Kolkata: Under 19 Indian cricket team, headed by the great Rahul Dravid is circumstantial to financial adversities recently. The Junior Indian team at present is bound to handle situations on their own, because for more than half a month they are bereft of their daily allowances. The team is without daily allowances and is left to run on their own expenses.

The Indian Express reports, Rs 6800 per day of daily allowances are not being given to the junior team and the management as well as the coaching staff for almost 15 days now. They are running their diet and regular expenses on their own, including Rahul Dravid.

In such adverse situations a player, while speaking to The Indian Express, said, “We are put up in a posh hotel in Mumbai where a sandwich costs over Rs 1,500. Players have no option but to step out for a meal after a tiring day on the field.”

To add to the major issues, there is no one to complain or look after this cause. Repercussions of commotion in BCCI:

BCCI, is recently, going through a interposed period and a difficult one as well. The Supreme Court brought down Anurag Thakur from the BCCI president post a month back. It has been really tough for the BCCI to run it’s regular proceedings since then. After so much happening within the panel and with the nation the BCCI from there on has been spending money with ultimate care and restricted approvals. To add to the cause, BCCI is now ensuring every step it puts forward and adding a regular check on all financial move.

Repeated set backs and downfalls threat the cricket glory of the nation too an extent. Despite such difficulties all throughout, the passion for Indian Cricket and the devotion for the nation kept our youth team show high held spirit. They promisingly became victorious in the series against the colts of England, even after the U19 team being in a dismal state right now.



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