Russian Dmitry Polyanskiy wins 2016 ITU Tiszjauvaros World Cup

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In the elite men’s triathlon final Russian Dmitry Polyanskiy claimed the top spot on  podium in Tiszy, followed close by his brother, Igor Polyanskyi while Tamas Toth took the third spot at 2016 ITU Tiszjauvaros World Cup.

This win was second title win for Dmitry, having won in 2009, Igor was the reigning Tiszy champion until today.

Speaking with media post his win, Dmitry said,“I am very happy with my race here, and is great to have such a performance just before WTS Hamburg next week and the Olympics in Rio.”

“I worked very hard because I knew my brother was just behind. We worked both all together in the swim and the bike, but then in the run it was up to each one of us,” further added the winner.

The race which has 750 m of swimming followed by 20km bike and 5km run was all strategy, with the big favorites getting out of the water almost together and forming a pack of nine bikers taking turns leading the 8 laps. Much to the delight of hosts local crowds, Tamas Toth stayed in the lead pack.

Till the 20km bike segment, everything was at par for the Polyanskyis and the winner was all to be decided on the 5km run, with both Polyanskyi brothers taking the lead since the first meters, chased only by Hungarian Toth and Spaniard Cesc Godoy.

In this 5 km run, it was Dmitry who crossed the finish line alone with almost six seconds back his younger brother, while local Toth crossed the finish line in third place, after leaving Godoy behind.

Speaking about the results, the silver medalist, Igor, said, “Last year I finished first but I’m happy that the only one who beat me here is my brother.”

“This is a very good preparation for Rio, we work together very well and we will keep on improving,” further he added

This was first World Cup podium finish for Tamas Toth, who said, “The crowd here is just amazing, they kept me going every time I crossed the finish line. It just felt wonderful”.



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