Sisters, but rivals professionally, and Serena romps home

The Williams' sisters (Image Credit: Dfiles)

Serena Williams has added another feather to her cap by defeating her sister Venus 6-4, 6-4 in the Australian Open final on Saturday to win her 23rd Grand Slam singles title and become the most successful tennis player in the open era.

The American’s victory gave the 35-year old a seventh Melbourne Park crown. Also it sent her neat of Germany’s Steffi Graf at the top of the list of most luxuriant grand slam winners when the they turned professional. “There’s no way I would have anything without her. “She’s the only reason the Williams sisters exist, so thank you for inspiring me to be the best that I can be,” Serena said.

At the 2003 Australian open and the 2002 French open, journalists said, “Clearly Venus has a ‘big sister complex’ towards Serena.”

In a match that was as oddly amusing, Serena surpassed doubts and the discomfort of playing Venus to add yet another accomplishment of one of the greatest matches of all times in tennis. The professional relationship and dynamic between Venus and Serena Williams is deeply affected by their close personal relationship. Serena hitting 10 aces and 27 winners on a throttle, was pretty sure by the win that she would regain the world number one ranking swiftly from Germany’s Angelique Kerber on Monday. The dynamic between family members can often be intense and emotionally charged.

While Serena hit the jackpot, Venus gracefully accepted the taste of defeat. Having brought down Serena to 15-30 at 5-4 on her serve, Venus dropped down her racket in utter despair as she hammered a unexpected forehand into the net to give up match point. Interacting to the crowd at Rod Laver Arena following sister Serena’s Australian Open win, she was kind and spoke highly of her sibling saying she was grateful to even be “breathing”, let alone competing in the grand slam final.

On the other hand, Serena was quiet and focused, refusing to even lock eyes with her sibling. Save only for some screams of anguish when she couldn’t reach a ball or some barely audible muttering to herself. It was evident from her expression and body language that it was getting difficult for her to play someone whom she respects and admires. However, it was great to see how she kept her calm and focused keeping all her uneasiness aside, even though were never really completely gone — will only add to her legend.

(With inputs from the Times of India)



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