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175 grams, that’s the weight of an average Frisbee available on the market and is seen as a popular beach recreation sport across the world. What started in the 1960’s as an alternate sport, it has become quite a popular choice among many in India.

With negligible investment and limited to zero contact, it is less prone to injury than say football. Take a disc, aim at a person, work your magic with the wrists and throw the disc, like a hat! At a time when there is scrutiny among the referees to govern the game, Ultimate is unique as the players playing on the field umpire the game.

My cousin introduced me to this sport that required stamina, skill, coordination and leadership qualities. A team comprising of seven members, it is a sport that builds teams, friendships and a purpose.

For many, this is a merely a distraction from their mundane life, however, for a group of people (as shown in the video), it is a hope for better lives.

Pic Courtesy: Deepthi Indukuri

Pic Courtesy: Deepthi Indukuri

A group of 23 players and four members of the support staff from varying backgrounds has come together, formed a team, which aspires to participate at the World Ultimate and Guts championships, to be held in London in two weeks time.

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Some of the team members (six) are awaiting for their visas, which should arrive in the coming days. The Indian Ultimate team plans to fly in two batches – on 16th and 17th of this month. The event is one week long. The return tickets for the Indian team have been booked for 27 June.

The team members are carrying sleeping bags and tents as part of their accommodation, and have zeroed in a camping site offered by the Scouts and Guides near the Watford training ground, North of London.

The team members have invested around 15 lakhs INR from their pockets and have thus far generated around 5 lakhs through crowd funding. Here is how you can contribute to make their lives easy-


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