Theft leaves Argentina’s Olympic football team frustrated

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Argentina’s Olympic Football team reported that they were robbed of cash and electronics from their hotel rooms on Friday while they were playing a friendly match with the South American team Mexico.

Argentina Football Association (AFA) Vice president Claudio Tapia was quoted saying “When we returned at 11:40 pm and went up to the rooms, we realized that they have been robbed.” He further added “You know what’s the strangest thing? It’s that they have verified and know who is the thief from the (security) cameras, so they are protecting the thief.”

Tapia voiced frustration at the various statements that were given by the team members to the authorities for the paper work. He termed it as a “total lack of respect”.

Tapia further added that the team would not leave the Camino Real Hotel, Mexico until the issue is resolved and the players are compensated. He also said that the players need a notarized document, either from the insurance company or Mexico’s football federation, saying that they will get what they owed.

On the other hand, the hotel authorities remained unavailable for any comment.



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