#UEFA2016Teams: Germany reflects the industrious German Spirit

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The reigning World Champions have been close to the Euro Glory in the past two editions finishing semifinalist in 2012 and Runners up in 2008. This year they will hope to do one better and regain the cup after 20 years having last won in 1996. The odds are stacked in favor of the current world champions and if anyone remembers how they routed opponents in the World Cup they could very well take the Euros too if they keep up that kind of form.


The high pressing game which has brought success to Bayern Munich in the past few years is the basis of the German side.

They have a great mix of players in all positions both young exciting talents as well as seasoned campaigners.

With most players from Bundesliga and others who have had past bundesliga experience it is easy to mix up and play a definite style of play. The team-play represents the industrious German spirit. Players keep on pressing the ball providing opponents with little space and time on the ball to make any move. This was best on display in the world cup match against Brazil where the Brazilian side full of flair was beaten 7-1 in their home.


It’s very difficult to find a weakness in a German machine. The parts are made of so much precision and are well oiled to never cause any problem.

The only one which one may consider is the absence of Philip Lahm, the defender and captain of Germany under whose able leadership the team won the World Cup will be missing as he has called retirement.

Without him and the uncertainty surrounding Bastian Schweinsteiger could hamper the team of a leader. Another area where they might be exposed in big matches is the lack of a pure striker. With the retirement of Miroslav Klose the German side lack an out and out striker they have goal scorers in Gomez, Muller , Podolski and even Gotze but all these attackers are not pure strikers and this may hurt them in big matches.


It will be best opportunity for the German side to establish their dominance further as they can do the double of Euro and World Cup and immaculate Spain.

Their Group C rivals are also comparatively easy considering the might of the German side with the likes of Northern Ireland, Ukraine and Poland it should be an easy group stage for the Germans.


Having considered all of this the German side’s build up to the Euros has been far from perfect.

They have, in fact, lost last three of their four matches.

The latest one coming against Slovakia in a friendly on Sunday 1-3, even after leading the match at one stage. The German side will need to get their act together and make use of the tremendous talent at hand and get the winning streak moving otherwise they may turn up like Spain in the world cup.



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