#UEFA2016Teams: Spain, a representation of La Liga in internationals

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After a disastrous World Cup campaign the defending champions Spain will look to get back at winning ways and Vincent Del Bosque will love to prove the world that the Spanish system of football is still the dominant force in the world. He has picked a provisional La Roja team which like always is midfield heavy. A closer look at the team using a SWOT analysis can tell us about the chances that Spain have to make in 3 Euro’s back to back


The Spanish team boasts of team with a heavy presence of La Liga stars. Given that most of the la liga sides play a similar brand of football so Spain as a team will not have to evolve and the gelling up part is well taken clear of. They don’t have to experiment with anything new but to play the same way as they have been playing.

Also given how the La Liga finished with the top team hardly separated in the points table speaks about the kind of form that players are in. If they were to continue with the form they might well be unstoppable.


With the exception of Morata, the forward line is not much exciting. Del Bosque has gone for youth over experience but this may well backfire. He should have opted for Fernando Torres, who has been finally in some form with Athletico Madrid scoring a lot of crucial goals.

Another weakness is the Goal Keeping position, Iker Casillas has been Spain’s number 1 keeper for over a decade but his form has been a worrying factor.

His season at Porto was a disaster so was the World Cup 2014 but he and Del Bosque seem to have a very good working relation which has over the years delivered 3 trophies but not anymore. Will Del Bosque pick De Gea over Casillas is something which remains to be seen. For in De Gea he has the the best keeper in the world at the moment, will he leave the past and focus on the future as he has done in terms of forwards remains to be seen.


The Euro provides an opportunity for Spain to put behind the world cup woes and once again show the world their dominance.

A team full of in form players and a mix of young and old can set the stage for continued Spain’s dominance.

A win in This year Euro would also be the last for a lot of players who have been part of Spain’s Golden generation the likes of Iniesta and Casillas a win be a fitting farewell.


Spain are part of Group D, which feature the likes of Croatia, Turkey and Czech Republic, all three teams have the potential to cause an upset. Spain may also be victim to over burn as most of the squad players have had played a lot of matches for their respective club teams and with UCL still to be played they will only join the squad next week. It could very well hamper the preparations as well put question marks on the fitness of the team.



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