You have to always believe in yourself no matter what is happening- Jiří Lipták

Image Credits: ISSF/Nicolo Zangirolami

San Marino ISSF Shotgun World Cup 2016 saw Jiří Lipták at the golden podium when he beat Italy’s Daniele Resca in the Gold medal match with a score of 12 to 10 hits. The Czech Trap Shooter spoke with us about this win, his career and more.

World Cup gold at San Marino 2016 and your career graph…

Victory in San Marino is one of the biggest achievements i did in my career, because it is not easy to win a world cup in these days. It was not an easy competition and specially with the finals rules which we have now it is not easy at all.

I started to shoot when I was 14 in my club in Brno, and the way to the winning international medals was long and not easy at all. First I concentrate to be good in Czech and then abroad.

Competition, level of toughness, precision and concentration part…

First you have to get chances to compete abroad against best shooters in the world and get used to these competitions.

It is completely different than at home, and mostly there are more difficult conditions.

Then with hard practice and will to achieve some result it is possible to do it.

Training, Game readiness…

We had several camps this year and some very good competitions, right before San Marino we were shooting Faza green cup in Umbria Verde in Todi, there is very nice shooting range also with hard conditions and I think this was the best practice.

Infrastructure, support and equipment availability in Czech Republic…

I am lucky to live near the Brno, where is the history of shooting. The place has the first professional shooting club in Czech and also boosts of the best range of our country.

So I get a chance to enter the club for young shooters and then to became a pro shooter. All best shooters in the history came the same way, and they brought lot of medals and also Olympic medals. For sure you know names like Panacek, Bednarik, Hrdlicka, Malek and Kostelecky.


Not all competitions and not all seasons are excellent, so you have to always believe in yourself no matter what is happening and try not to loose your dream, work hard and trust in ability.

Coaches –their contributions…

All people in Czech, club coaches and national coaches try to do their job good, we are trying to take the advantages of their experiences and use it for our careers. All of us we have to spend lot of time at the range, traveling, in the gym etc.

Future goal…

My goal is for sure to win an Olympic medal in future, I think this is the biggest dream for now!



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