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Kevin Pietersen against Mohammad Amir getting a second chance

Mumbai: Former England captain Kevin Pietersen has expressed his displeasure and said that Mohammad Amir should not get second chance and should be banned for life for his involvement in spot-fixing scandal which rocked the cricketing world during Pakistan’s tour of England in 2010.

“They have broken the rules, should pay the price and not be given a second chance,” Pietersen wrote in The Daily Telegraph,London on Tuesday.

“If you cheat the system either by taking drugs or money to under-perform then you are mugging the spectators, your teammates and a sport that has been around a lot longer than you. People always deserve a second chance in life but sport is different.”

Pietersen further added that whoever disgraces and devalues the sport which is one’s livelihood is like breaking the 11th and 12th commandments of the Holy Bible.

“We are paid to play a sport we love and are damn lucky to lead the life of a professional cricketer. To try and gain an advantage by taking drugs or devaluing your sport by being bribed is breaking the 11th and 12th commandments. There can be no way back,” he said.

Kevin Pietersen image credit: oneworldofsport.com
Kevin Pietersen image credit: oneworldofsport.com

However, Pietersen, who last played for England in 2014 has warned fans and players that Amir is still a very deadly bowler and riling him would not be a great idea.

Amir will return to Lord’s to play the first Test match where he was found guilty of bowling no balls in exchange of money. The trio of Salman Butt, Mohammad Asif and  Amir were banned by ICC and they were also jailed.

Pietersen further adds that, “He is just as quick, and as competitive as ever. He is verbal. He lets you know he is bowling at you. He will cop a load of stick off the English fans but he will not take a step back. It is going to make great viewing”.

England vs Pakistan promises to be a great series with both sides will be giving their best to be on the victorious side and to prove a point.