#EuroWinnersCup: Gyongyos stormed past England’s Portsmouth

Image credit: Lea Weil/beachsoccer.com

Gyongyos, which has the reputation of a team with surprises, justified its inclusion into the seeded teams of the 2016 version of Euro Winners Cup, leaving behind all critical claims, by showcasing brilliant beach soccer skills on the opening day of the tournament.

The Hungarian Champions stormed past Portsmouth BSC, and won the match 10-3 in a day where everything went their way.

With three goals apiece, key performers were Bruno Malias, former Brazilian International Beach Soccer player and Viktor Túros, the youngster who dint lag behind in his scoring.

ESC Gyogyos showcased their attacking talent in the first period which almost defined the course of game. The Magyar side hit the back of Portsmouth’s nets five times during the first leg, with J.Wood pulling one back for Portsmouth.

The games eased down for the Hungarian side after this healthy lead over the opponents, though they kept pressing the English side and earned four more goals later. Pompey’s replied with two goals but these were too little, too late, to do any changes on the result of game.

Goals (Portsmouth vs Gyogyos): 0-1: Túros, min. 8 (1); 0-2: Bruno, min. 3 (1); 1-2: J.Wood, min. 2 (1); 1-3: Túros, min. 2 (1); 1-4: Túros, min. 2 (1); 1-5: Mauricinho, min. 2 (2); 1-6: Szacsko, min. 10 (3); 1-7: Bruno, min. 9 (3); 1-8:  Bruno, min.  9 (3); 1-9: Mauricinho, min.  8 (3); 2-9: Butchy, min. 8 (3); 2-10: Bruno, min. 0 (3); 3-10: P.Wood, min. 0 (3).


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