ISSF General Assembly rejects new Constitution; Kuwaiti Federation stays suspended

Image Credit: ISSF/Nicolo Zangirolami

Before concluding in Moscow, the ISSF General Assembly came out with two of its pending decisions which sought voting; new constitution and suspension of Kuwait Shooting Federation.

The proposed new Constitution was rejected as it failed to impress a 2/3rd mandate required for the acceptance, by a mere 7 votes out of 232. However, the delegates voted against lifting suspension of the Kuwait Shooting Federation. The General Assembly concluded yesterday.

Speaking about the mandate against the new Constitution, the ISSF President, Olegario Vazquez Raña said,“The ISSF General Assembly has expressed its democratic decision, and we respect it.”

On the second and last day, the Assembly had representations from 130 ISSF Members Federations (for a total of 239 possible votes) present, which fulfilled the quorum of minimum representations.

In front of the member delegates, was put the new ISSF Constitution draft for voting which aimed at replacing the older one of 1980. The draft was compiled involving the ISSF Member Federations and stakeholders in line of the documentation and had been a result of extended effort from the team- but was rejected by the Assembly with 148 votes in favor and 84 against. To make it operational, the ISSF needed it to be voted in favor by 2/3rd majority which means that the Constitution was stopped by 7 votes (2/3rd majority meant 155 out of 232).
The ISSF Secretary General Franz Schreiber, in his statement after unfolding of mandate, said, “We respect the democratic procedures established by the ISSF Constitution. The Assembly has voted: the 2/3 majority has not been reached.”
And then was the second voting for the day, wherein the ISSF General Assembly confirmed the decision of the ISSF Administrative Council dated 5 November 2015 to suspend the Kuwait Shooting Federation, expressing a majority vote (174 in favor of the suspension, 65 against). As a consequence, the ISSF Administrative Council member Duaij Khalaf Al-Otaibi of Kuwait resigned.
In a vote of thank to officially close the Assembly, the ISSF President Olegario Vazquez Raña said,“I would like to thank the organizers of the General Assembly, and especially the ISSF Vice-President Vladimir Lisin, for their great hospitality, as well as the delegates for their constructive work during this meeting.”Further he added, “We are part of a family. We need to stand together, and be united in the benefit of our sport!”


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