Kabaddi World Cup: Clash of Titans- Thailand Vs Japan to draw all attention

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Teams will try to bring forward their best efforts to win the title. (Image Credit: 2016kabaddiworldcup.com)

Today’s match between Thailand and Japan will decide the destiny of playoffs of Kabaddi World Cup. Audiences from Kenya, Iran and India will be glued to the match as it has larger impact on the interests of their national teams. While Pool A is very much settled with India qualifying yesterday and Korea sitting comfortably on top. The tie between Thailand and Japan will create more ripples in tournament. Kenya will be praying for Japan’s win and that too comfortably so that they can qualify for the semis.

With the start of the tournament home team India and guest Iran were favorites for the title clash. But with even the first time entrant teams making big impact on the big stage, the playoffs are still undecided. Final is just four days away, every team is sweating in the practice arena to turn the state of semi-finals in their favor. The loss of India in opening match and surprise fall of mighty Iran against Poland was not anticipated by many. And that is where the match between Thailand and Japan becomes very important.

Till now, as it stands India will play Iran in the semi-final which will be equivalent of final and Rep of Korea will play Kenya. However, a win by Thailand will propel them on top position of Pool B and the whole equation will change. In that case India will play Thailand and Rep of Korea will play Iran. So, today’s match in the Pool B is a no miss for anyone.

Let’s see if Japan wins by more than seven points but less than 33 they will be equivalent in table with Kenya but with inferior point difference they will be putting Kenya through to the semi-final spot. And in case Japan wins with greater margin than 33 points they will replace Kenya in the semi-final and will play Rep of Korea.

Indian fans will be hoping for a Thailand win as it is the straight forward chance to avoid mighty Iran in the semi-final and relatively easy chance for India to qualify for final. With win against Poland, Kenya and USA, Thailand is in the perfect form to catch the place in the semis however Japan is quickly learning from their mistakes and will be giving tough fight today.



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