Kabaddi World Cup: Five Matches that Turned the game on mat

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The four semifinalist are all ready to rock the mat today. (Image Credit: 2016kabaddiworldcup.com)

Ahmedabad: It was dream come true for Indian fans to watch their own game Kabaddi’s World Cup in India. 7th of October turned out to be historic date when the fiesta of game started with bigger and better version. All twelve teams from all five continents were fully charged to make a mark on big stage. Home team India, Iran, Argentina, USA, Poland, Kenya, Rep of Korea, Thailand, Bangladesh, Australia, England and Japan made the extravaganza popular.

The first match that turned the table was opening of the tournament match between India and Rep of Korea. Before match no one would have thought that Rep of Korea will defeat home team India. Korea made a splendid start and won the match with 34-32 points. The last two minute game changer tactics by Jung Kun Lee stunned whole stadium and that is what Indian team lacked; a player like him to change the game.

There was more than anything that was happening in Pool B where the game between Thailand Vs Japan, Iran Vs Poland and Kenya Vs Japan went till last minutes. The October 19th match between Thailand Vs Japan was unforgettable which later decided the teams for playoffs. Thailand thwarted Japan’s challenge at last minute to pull off remarkable win of 37-33. The battle was so close that in last three minutes the teams were tied with 32 each.

No one ever believed that underdog Poland will be able to defeat mighty Iran with 16 points margin. And it did happened on October 17 when with nothing but pride Polish players turned the match in their favor. They ended up their league match in style by destroying reputation of powerhouse Iran. Polish captain Michal Spiczko led the battle and the win disturbed the equation of Pool B.

In a key Pool B match, Japan found out it difficult to beat the African Team. The one point against Iran helped Kenya to further disturb the Pool B equation. The match was more of super tackles by James Obilo that sailed the comfortable victor of Kenya over Japan for 48-27. The last but not the least match of all five was between Korea and Bangladesh. Again the last minute super raid by Jung Kun Lee turned the match in favor of Korea. It was sensational last minute victory by Korea over Bangladesh with 35-32 points.



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