Lee Beard confident of Vijender’s win at WBO APAC Middleweight

Vijender Singh training with Lee Beard

With the WBO Asia- Pacific Super middleweight championship just round the corner, Lee Beard, trainer of knockout king Vijender Singh is confident of his knockout win against WBC Asian Boxing Council Middleweight Champion, Australian Kerry Hope.

On the other hand, Kerry Hope is working on to make his punches stronger by each day passing by. Indian Boxing sensation, Singh, is not far behind either. Approaching them is the fight and increasing is the intensity of Vijender’s training by each day, and Beard is very impressed with the hard work Vijender is putting i.

Speaking about the training regime, World renowned Trainer Beard says, “He is training very hard, he has been sparring 12 rounds with 3 different guys and also putting the strength and condition to work hard also.”

The trainer is also changing Singh’s training so that it matches his Southpaw opponent.

Speaking further about the training and fitness regime, Lee says, “We have of course been adjusting things to suit the southpaw opponent he is fighting in Kerry Hope, a very experienced operator and a fighter who has been involved in some big fights so him fighting Vijender in India won’t faze him. We have been working on various things which I believe will be effective against Hope, Vijender is very strong and punches extremely hard but we are not going to rely on that.”

Detailing about the expectations about the fight, Beard says, “As I mentioned without giving anything away we have been working on a number of things technically and I believe Vijender will knock out his opponent.”

Not putting down the experience of the opponent Kerry Hope, Lee states, “Hope is a very experienced boxer but Vijender is very confident and self-assured.  Vijender is going display how smart he is as a fighter and then the power Vijender has will also come out and he will win in style.”

The fight is already creating a buzz through the Indian Sporting arena and will give a much needed glamor to the Indian Professional boxing.



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