Renee Tomlin (US) claims Tiszy Women crown

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In the women’s leg of 2016 ITU Tiszjauvaros World Cup, it was American Renee Tomlin, who won the highest honors. Tomlin made it clear why she saved some energy on Saturday’s semifinal right at the beginning of the final when she was first out of the water after the 750m swim.

Tomlin then led a small group that went all together on the bike course including Erin Dolan (USA), Lindsey Jerdonek (USA), Australian Emma Jeffcoat and Spaniard Anna Godoy.

Speaking post the win, Tomlin said, “It was a great race. The atmosphere was amazing, and I felt really good since the beginning.”

She had finished second in the semifinal yesterday and after leading the swim and the 20km bike segment, Tomlin led the Americans out of T2. However, their small advantage was clearly not enough for the great runners that were behind them.

Chasing her were Danilova and Yelistratova, who set up a really strong pace as they knew that the run was going to decide the race.

Yelistratova after the race, thanked the people who worked hard on the bike, “I really have to thank the ones who worked hard with us on the bike, not all of them did so.”

Number 3 on the podium was Danilova, who managed her first World Cup podium, was also really grateful to the ones who allowed herself to chase the group on the run.

“We all worked very hard so the distance between the leaders and us was minimum,” she explained. Back 10 seconds at the start of the run, it was just enough time for her and Yelistratova to chase down the Americans.



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