#Tokyo2020: Tokyo Metro & JR East join the Olympic movement as the Official Partners

Image Credits: Tokyo2020.jp

Tokyo Metro Co. Ltd and East Japan Railway Company join the Olympic bandwagon as the Tokyo 2020 Official Partners, as announced in a press release by the Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee, today.

The two rail organisations have been jointly attributed the “Passenger Rail Transportation Services”, as the part of second domestic tier of the Tokyo 2020 Sponsorship Programme. These new addition to the Olympic program takes the total number of domestic partners to a whopping 36 with 21 domestic partners in the same category, official partners.

The President, Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee, Mr. Yoshiro Mori welcomed the two companies and said,”On this occasion, I am delighted to welcome Tokyo Metro and JR East as Tokyo 2020 Official Partners.”

Further speaking about the association, the Tokyo 2020 President said, “Japan’s rail companies are known throughout the world for their extremely efficient operations.”

Speaking about the two companies, he added, “JR East operates an extensive rail network that covers the entire Kanto region and stretches as far north as the 2011 disaster-affected areas, while Tokyo Metro provides invaluable support to Tokyo’s world-renowned subway system. In partnership with these two companies, I am confident that we will be able to realise safe, punctual and comfortable rail transportation services for all visitors to the Tokyo 2020 Games.”

Tokyo Metro operates nine subway lines covering 195.1 km in central Tokyo. Their system forms the heart of an extended railway network of 532.6 km, including lines operated by their through-service partners, and carries 7.07 million passengers each day.

Speaking about the association, Yoshimitsu Oku, President of Tokyo Metro said, “Tokyo Metro is a subway operator that provides vital support to Tokyo’s urban functions in line with the Tokyo Metro group ideal of ‘Keeping Tokyo on the Move.’

The company implements a range of measures based on the concept ‘Peace of mind = Safety + Services’ so that all can ride with peace of mind. Having become a Tokyo 2020 Official Partner, Tokyo Metro is committed to contributing to the success of the Tokyo 2020 Games by sharing the charm of Tokyo as a ‘Navigator of Tokyo’ and acting as a ‘Vital link in Tokyo’s transport network’,”he concluded with.

On the other hand, JR East’s railway network consists of approximately 1,660 stations and covers more than 7,400 km, lies at the core of its operations in rail transportation.

On their association with the Olympic program, Tetsuro Tomita, President and CEO of JR East spoke, “JR East was recently named a Tokyo 2020 Official Partner in the Passenger Rail Transportation Services category.”

Concluding the statement, he further added,”We are honored to have the opportunity to contribute to the success of this event. Acting in its capacity as a company operating in the East Japan area, JR East will help ensure that the Tokyo 2020 Games proceed without issue while contributing to the growing enthusiasm surrounding this event by providing safe and comfortable transportation services and revitalising local industries. Moreover, through these efforts, we will endeavour to create an important legacy that will continue to benefit communities long after 2020.”



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