Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the legend

Zlatan in making

Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s four years contract with Paris Saint Germain ends on 30th June and he will bid them farewell as they did not agree to replace Eiffel Tower with his statue. His four seasons have been fruitful both for him and the club he has scored 158 goals for the French team in 4 years and has ensured that PSG won four Ligue 1 crowns, one Coupe De France and three Coupe de la Ligues.

Zlatan can be regarded as the mercenary of football, who offers his services for a price.

Over the past 16 years his skills have been on display with a lot of top level clubs he has played in Italy for both the Milan teams and Juventus, in Spain for Barcelona, in Holland for Ajax and in France for PSG. Only the English and the German league which have not been lucky enough to have Zlatan’s services. Things could have been very different had Zlatan signed for Arsenal where he refused a trial as “Zlatan does not do Auditions”.

He could well fulfill his dreams of finally playing in England but that will depend upon where Jose Mourinho ends up. Zlatan and Mourinho have shared an excellent relationship and Zlatan has expressed his desire repeatedly that he wants to reunite with the former Chelsea boss after the duo had a season together at Inter Milan. But where Jose and Zlatan end up come July as the new season kicks in is the biggest mystery of the football right now and new rumors keep on coming daily.

The Legend finally

Zlatan is already 34, and is about to end the 2015-16 season with a phenomenal scoring at a rate of 1.2 goals per match. His records, his play, his on and off field antics have sure made him popular but he has lack of longer stay at a club always denied him that legendary status at the clubs he has played. But finally for the good he will leave PSG with a legendary status.

He himself said that it before the final match for PSG on 14th May, “I came as King and will leave as a legend”.

He even has an offer from PSG to join them in a management role once he retires.

In another few years once he will retire to have his name etched in the French Capital will be something that would bring happiness to both his fans and for himself for he can have something which he can truly say was his home, a club which always wanted him to stay, a club for which he played like a true champion a club which has given him the status of legend unlike any of his previous engagements Zlatan will surely approve it.


Zlatan Ibrahimovic as once famously said that when you buy Zlatan you buy a Ferrari, with the Ferrari up for grabs on free transfer clubs are lining up to sign the mercurial striker, who will finally get to ride home the Ferrari is still to be seen



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