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French Open Men’s final- Nole completes Career Slam

Playing in the same era as Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal cannot be easy for anyone. While one is simply the undisputed King of clay the other has God-like abilities winning the most number of Grand slams 17 in the Open Era. But then there are some men who make up for any lack through sheer determination, who work exceptionally hard and just don’t give up. They don’t bow down to the competition but instead raise their own game to compete with great.

They keep on striving hard waiting for their time and pounce upon any opportunity that comes their way and do this over and over to make the world stand up and notice.

The lines are for Serbia’s World No 1 Novak Djokovic, he may lack the grace of Federer or the ability of Nadal, he does not have the best temperament either but when he has a racquet in his hand he is simply in that league of extraordinary gentlemen. And on Sunday he achieved something extra, an accomplishment which every player dreams of, something which even the greats of tennis have failed to achieve.

On Sunday Djokovic won the French Open and by doing so he became the first man since Rod Laver in 1969 to win four straight grand slams. He is the eighth man to complete the career grand slam.

The first man to claim the first two majors in a calendar year since Jim Courier in 1992, add to that all of this he is also ranked No 1 in the world, he has already won 12 titles and all that at only 29 years of age. All of this begs the question about the greatness of Novak Djokovic but most people still don’t want to ask it as for them Djokovic still remains an outsider in the Roger-Rafa rivalry, people still don’t want to acknowledge the fact that here is a man who has a better head to head record over nearly all top players who has competed at the most competitive time in tennis who has remained fit to compete in top tournaments. You simply cannot and things are changing and the crowd are turning in is favor, the French Open final was the best example where crowds did not stop singing his name.

Its an incredible feat for a man who has not only had to face the best players on court but along with them the most hostile crowds who had their loyalties struck behind Roger or Rafa.

The win at French Open which has earned him so many accolades did not come easy. He earned it after 12 years of playing, being in the final for five times but coming short each time but he kept on striving for it, improving his game even further working even harder on his fitness regime adapting his game for the clay surface and finally the moment came 3-6 6-1 6-2 6-4 Game Set Match with a crowd chanting Nole Nole Nole if this is not greatness nothing will be.

He has proved to the world that he is among the greatest and he will make you acknowledge it, it took him 12 years, 12 titles and finally he has won over everyone one can only hope that he adds more titles and the Nole chants fill every arena in the world for people to stand up and say that here is a man who achieved it all by not luck or simple talent but by hard work. He is the true role model for any sports person in the world June 5, 2016 will go down in the history books not a day when the Djoker won French Open but the day when he became great.