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Intern with us

by Ritesh Ranjan

The SportsCrunch internship is suited to promote your skills while you learn these. With this internship, you get to learn the nuances of sports reporting and writing from the seasoned professionals of the industry. In addition, you also get chances to visit events for ground zero reporting and may even meet the sports stars, you idolize.

Here’s a look at the SportsCrunch Advantage in a nutshell: What you get as a payback.

Be warned though, this internship is hard to get into and even harder to survive in. We at SportsCrunch have set some editorial standards, and we only work with the best. We expect everyone signing up for this to be thoroughly knowledgeable about sports and have impeccable writing skills.

But don’t get too frightened by all that! Here you get a chance to make people visualize, through your writing, a Sachin Tendulkar innings or a Lionel Messi goal or a Mohammed Ali punch or may be about some legends you have dreamed in your childhood or now.

We have several internship options available at SportsCrunch.

  • You can undertake an internship in our Noida office or from your location.
  • The internship period can be anything from two months to six months.

Who can apply?

  • Journalism/Mass Communications Students
  • Sportspersons who aspire for a career as a Sport (or Sports) Experts
  • Sports Fans who possess a flair for writing

How to apply?

This is the only screening process, so you have to make sure you put your best foot forward in the application.

Send an email to editorial@sportscrunch.in with the following information:

Subject: Application for full-time/ online internship from SportsCrunch (Noida office- for office internship seekers only).

Para 1: Tell us about yourself and your knowledge of sports (do mention the sport(s), you know about).

Para 2: Tell us why you want to do an internship at SportsCrunch.

Attachments: You have to provide 1-2 sample sports articles (in MS Word docs) OR 1-2 links of your published sports articles.

Before sending your application email:

  • Please ensure that your email is complete in all respects; else it will be disregarded.
  • Please don’t send follow up emails; selected candidates will receive a reply from us.
  • Please send your application only to the email address specified, else it will not be entertained.


  • The chance to get your work published on SportsCrunch.
  • First-hand experience of working in an open newsroom.
  • Certificate of excellence/experience bearing the SportsCrunch seal of approval.
  • Chance to interview famous sports stars.
  • Chance to represent us at the Sporting events as Correspondents