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ITU creates Innovative Data Platform for Information sharing

Marisol Casado, Image Credit: IOC

In a press release dated today July 8, 2016, the International Triathlon Union announced about a new innovative data platform which will allow external users to create feature-rich applications. This platform will provide additional services to National Triathlon Federations and partners.

Speaking about the new development and the technology, the ITU President, Marisol Casado said, “ITU’s Triathlon API will complement the recently-announced development of the IOC’s Olympic Data Project.”

Adding further, the IOC Member Casado said “As a young International Federation, we are committed to evolving sport, and that also means leading in technological innovation.”

With most of the sports federations spending large sum of money on the production & distribution of sport-related data, ITU has created the Triathlon API internally with the vision to distribute it freely to any external stakeholder: Media, broadcast partners, sponsors, National Federations and triathlon enthusiasts anywhere will be able to access the API to create unique mobile applications and distinctive programs for their own specific needs.

The technology used in this API allows exposure of all resources available on Triathlon.org and provides additional benefits such as pre-computed statistics and streaming live timing data. Several NSFs participated in the development of the API platform, and have already commenced or completed projects that would have been largely infeasible prior to the advent of the API.

The USA Triathlon, which used the Triathlon API in conjunction with an external service provider to create an enhanced race results viewer, customizable ranking lists, and an Olympic Qualifying Projection tool, was quite impressed with the data platform.

Speaking the pluses of the technology, Andy Schmitz, USA Triathlon High Performance General Manager, said, “This has been a valuable utility for us to track and monitor athlete ranking movements, and measure and compare athlete progressions over time.”

Further he added, “One of the most valuable elements was our ability to track our progress toward achieving a full quota of Olympic spots and carefully assess the details behind how our points compared to our key rivals. We see more potential with this type of programming and how it will help our team achieve new heights moving forward.”

Supporting multi-purpose usage, the platform contains data from all ITU events and athletes, may be used to analyze age group as well as elite athlete performances. British Triathlon is developing an Age Group Role of Honor which will highlight performances in international events by extracting age group results and athlete data directly from the API.

Speaking about the requirement of innovation, the CEO of British Triathlon, Jack Buckner said, “Triathlon is a modern sport and it’s important that we keep innovating.”

Adding further, the CEO said, “British Triathlon is due to launch a new website next month and with access to the new Triathlon API systems we hope to improve the user experience and make our website much more dynamic.”

The API is also in use to enhance existing partnerships with Columbia Threadneedle for the statistical derivatives of information, ranking reports and info-graphics.