Countries divide but cricket unites Indian and Pakistani cricketers

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The realm of cricket is something that has always transcended political and religious boundaries. An example of the above statement can be drawn from the cordial relationships that the Indian and Pakistani cricketers have enjoyed over all these years, even while their countries are bitter political rivals.

Two Pakistani legends, Misbah-Ul Haq and Younis Khan, both of whom hung up their boots after the test series in the West Indies, were praised by a lot of cricketers from all over the world. Indian star cricketer Yuvraj Singh, however came up with a touching message of his own, for these iconic Pakistani cricketers.

Taking to Twitter, he expressed his respect to these two cricketers. His tweet read,
“Good bye two greats of Pakistan cricket @captainmisbahpk and younis khan your contribution towards the game was inspiring to all of us.”

However Yuvraj wasn’t the only Indian to have congratulated the two on having such a successful career. His batting partner from the historic 2002 NatWest series final against England- Mohammad Kaif, too came up with his thoughts and said that he said that the series win against the West Indies was a great farewell gift for the Pakistani duo.

“Was solid grit from the West Indies. Test Cricket at its best. Brilliant effort from Chase but Misbah, Younis get a great farewell gift” tweeted Kaif.

Sanjay Manjrekar, another Indian legend too came up with a tweet of his own as he not only praised the batsmen in both Misbah and Younis, but also hailed the personalities of the both of them.

“Two very likeable people & highly accomplished batsmen. Thank you Misbah & Younis for all the memories. #MisYou” tweeted Manjrekar.

This is indeed a delightful sight for every cricket lover as earlier said, the language of sport doesn’t understand any political boundaries and limits. These reactions from former and current Indian cricketers, look even more significant if seen in the light of the fact that both these nations haven’t been playing a lot of cricket against each other in recent times.

Virat Kohli’s signed jersey for Shahid Afridi

Yet, this wasn’t the only occasion where the Indian cricketing fraternity expressed their respect and praise for their Pakistani counterparts.
Earlier this year, Shahid Afridi, another Pakistani great called it quits from the game and even his retirement didn’t go unnoticed by the Indian stars.
As a matter of fact, the gesture they should was truly heart-touching, as the members of the Indian team, namely Yuvraj Singh, Ashish Nehra, Jasprit Bumrah, Suresh Raina among others signed a Virat Kohli jersey giving in their best wishes to the Pakistani all-rounder, with the Indian skipper himself giving a message.
“To Shahid Bhai, best wishes, always a pleasure playing against you.”

Indian and Pakistani cricketers have always had immense mutual respect over all these years, and this is even more important in such a situation where their countries are at loggerheads with each other. These gestures by the Indian cricket fraternity towards their Pakistani counterparts are perfect examples as to why the game is known as ,” the gentleman’s game.”

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