Free Live-Streaming for 2016 Junior Men’s Softball World Championships

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Midland, USA: All the games (52 in numbers) of the 2016 WBSC Junior Men’s Softball World Championship will be live streamed and available for free through, the official website for the competition. In an announcement by WBSC, the World Baseball Softball Confederation, it was said that fans from everywhere will get a chance to watch the best 19-Under Junior Men’s National Teams compete at the highest international stage. The event which has participation from 13-nation categorized in two pools will take place in Midland, Michigan, USA from 24-30 July at Emerson Park, home of historic Currie Stadium.

The opening day of the championship will see all 13 nations in action, with world-ranked No. 7 United States and the African nation of Botswana officially starting off the world championship tournament on 24 July 24 at 9:30 a.m. (local time). The event will begin with a 36-game round-robin, schedule of the stage is shown below:

Date Game # Time/Place Teams
24-Jul-16 GAME #1 09:30am/ Currie Stadium BOT – USA
24-Jul-16 GAME #2 10:30am/ Emerson #3 DEN – CZE
24-Jul-16 GAME #3 11:30am/ Currie Stadium JPN – ISR
24-Jul-16 GAME #4 12:30pm/ Emerson #3 MEX – RSA
24-Jul-16 GAME #5 02:00pm/Currie Stadium VEN – AUS
24-Jul-16 GAME #6 03:00pm/ Emerson #3 BOT – DEN
24-Jul-16 GAME #7 04:00pm/ Currie Stadium NZL – CAN
24-Jul-16 GAME #8 08:00pm/ Currie Stadium ARG – USA
24-Jul-16 GAME #9 08:00pm/ Emerson #3 ISR – MEX
25-Jul-16 GAME #10 11:00am/ Currie Stadium VEN – CZE
25-Jul-16 GAME #11 12:00pm/ Emerson #3 ARG – DEN
25-Jul-16 GAME #12 01:00pm/ Currie Stadium NZL – ISR
25-Jul-16 GAME #13 02:00pm/ Emerson #3 JPN – RSA
25-Jul-16 GAME #14 04:00pm/ Currie Stadium CZE – BOT
25-Jul-16 GAME #15 05:00pm/ Emerson #3 AUS – ARG
25-Jul-16 GAME #16 06:00pm Currie Stadium CAN – MEX
25-Jul-16 GAME #17 07:00pm/ Emerson #3 NZL – JPN
25-Jul-16 GAME #18 08:00pm/ Currie Stadium VEN – USA
26-Jul-16 GAME #19 11:00am/ Currie Stadium BOT – ARG
26-Jul-16 GAME #20 12:00pm/ Emerson #3 CZE – AUS
26-Jul-16 GAME #21 01:00pm/ Currie Stadium DEN – USA
26-Jul-16 GAME #22 02:00pm/ Emerson #3 ISR – RSA
26-Jul-16 GAME #23 04:00pm/ Currie Stadium JPN – CAN
26-Jul-16 GAME #24 05:00pm/ Emerson #3 MEX – NZL
26-Jul-16 GAME #25 06:00pm/ Currie Stadium ARG – VEN
26-Jul-16 GAME #26 07:00pm/ Emerson #3 AUS – DEN
26-Jul-16 GAME #27 08:00pm/ Currie Stadium CZE – USA
27-Jul-16 GAME #28 11:00am/ Currie Stadium VEN – DEN
27-Jul-16 GAME #29 12:00pm/ Emerson #3 BOT – AUS
27-Jul-16 GAME #30 01:00pm/ Currie Stadium RSA – NZL
27-Jul-16 GAME #31 02:00pm/ Emerson #3 CAN – ISR
27-Jul-16 GAME #32 04:00pm/ Currie Stadium MEX – JPN
27-Jul-16 GAME #33 05:00pm/ Emerson #3 VEN – BOT
27-Jul-16 GAME #34 06:00pm/ Currie Stadium AUS – USA
27-Jul-16 GAME #35 07:00pm/ Emerson #3 CZE – ARG
27-Jul-16 GAME #36 08:00pm/ Currie Stadium RSA – CAN

The Round- robin stage will be followed by 10 playoff games (double page playoff system). Six placement games will also be staged to determine the final standings. schedule of placement round is shown below:

Date Game # Time/Place Teams
28-Jul-16 P1 01:00pm/ Emerson #3 A5 – B5
28-Jul-16 P2 03:30pm/ Emerson #3 B6 – A6
28-Jul-16 P3 06:00pm/ Emerson #3 A7 – Loser Game #37
29-Jul-16 P4 03:00pm/ Emerson #3 Winner Game #37 – Winner Game #38
29-Jul-16 P5 06:00pm/ Emerson #3 Loser Game #40 – Winner Game #39
30-Jul-16 P6 04:00pm/ Curie Stadium Winner Game #40 – Winner Game #41

Placement games will be simultaneously happening with the Championship games between July 28-30; which are listed below:

The Opening ceremonies of this event will begin at 6:30 p.m. at the main competition field on July 24, which will be followed by host USA facing off against the two-time defending champions, Argentina.

Date Game # Time/Place Teams
28-Jul-16 C1 12:00pm/ Currie Stadium B4 – A3
28-Jul-16 C2 02:30pm/ Currie Stadium A4 – B3
28-Jul-16 C3 05:00pm/ Currie Stadium B2 – A1
28-Jul-16 C4 07:30pm/ Currie Stadium B1 – A2
29-Jul-16 C5 12:00pm/ Currie Stadium Loser Game #45 – Winner Game #43
29-Jul-16 C6 02:30pm/ Currie Stadium Loser Game #46 – Winner Game #44
29-Jul-16 C7 05:00pm/ Currie Stadium Winner Game #46 – Winner Game #45
29-Jul-16 C8 07:30pm/ Currie Stadium Winner Game #48 – Winner Game #47

The Gold Medal World Championship final will be contested at Currie Stadium at 7:00 p.m. on 30 July, while the Bronze Medal match will be staged at 1:30 p.m.

Date Game # Time/Place Teams
30-Jul-16 C9/Bronze Medal 01:30pm/ Currie Stadium Loser Game #49 – Loser Game #50
30-Jul-16 C10/Gold Medal 07:00pm/ Currie Stadium Winner Game #49 – Winner Game #50

The 13 National Teams competing have been delegated to their respective pools and will begin the World Championship tournament with a single round-robin. The top four teams from each pool will then advance into a double-page playoff system.

The pool-wise bifurcation of the teams are as below:

Pool A: Argentina, Australia, United States, Czech Republic, Denmark, Botswana, and Venezuela
Pool B: New Zealand, Japan, Mexico, Canada, South Africa, and Israel



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