Hockey 5-a-side Senior National Championship to be held in November 2017

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After a successful 1st edition last year, Hockey India today announced the 2nd edition of the Hockey India 5-a-side Senior Hockey National Championship 2017 (Men and Women) which will be held in Pune, Maharashtra from 14th to 19th November 2017. The tournament has been categorised into three competitions which will take place – Men’s, Women’s, and Men’s and Women’s Combined.

The 2nd Hockey India 5-a-side Senior National Hockey Championship 2017 will be hosted by Hockey Maharashtra, and each of the three categories will feature eight teams participating for the crown. The most exciting aspect of this year’s Hockey India 5-a-side Senior National Hockey Championship 2017 is the introduction of a Combined Men’s and Women’s category where mixed teams will be formed. A team participating in this category will feature a minimum of either 4 men or women in their team of nine member 5-a-side team. In this category, Hockey Haryana, Uttar Pradesh Hockey, Hockey Odisha and Hockey Unit of Tamil Nadu are in Pool A whereas Hockey Maharashtra, Hockey Karnataka, Hockey Punjab and Hockey Jharkhand are in Pool B.

In the Men’s category, Hockey Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh Hockey, Hockey Unit of Tamil Nadu and defending Champions Hockey Maharashtra are placed in Pool A while Hockey Haryana, Hockey Odisha, Hockey Jharkhand and Hockey Punjab will lock horns in Pool B.

In the Women’s category, Hockey Haryana, Hockey Karnataka, Hockey Odisha and Hockey Unit of Tamil Nadu will make up Pool A while Hockey Punjab, Hockey Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh Hockey and Hockey Jharkhand are in Pool B.

This exciting short format of field hockey is also known as ‘Hockey 5s’ and was played for the first time in India last year when Hockey India conducted the 1st edition of the tournament wherein the teams participated on a 38.5 meter x 22.5 meter size indoor court. In this format of hockey, each team consists of 9 members, out of which only 5 members can be present on the court at any given time of the match which includes one goalkeeper. The duration of the match is 30 minutes which is divided into three periods of 10 minutes each with an interval of 3 minutes between the periods.

The key differences from outdoor field hockey are in terms of the way the goals are scored and penalties are imposed. A goal is awarded when a goal is scored from anywhere on the court which is unlike traditional hockey where you cannot score directly from outside the circle. In addition, the ball is moved using a push, scoop or flick and no hitting is allowed as it is played in an indoor arena.

In terms of fouls, only free hits and challenges are awarded for respective offences by an attacker or defender. A Challenge is similar to the way shootouts are conducted in modern hockey. Free hits and fouls follow the same rules as modern hockey as well.

This shorter version of the game is seen as one of the instrumental inventions in the sport of hockey which is aimed at developing and spreading the sport on a global level so that players can play on any surface and on different sized pitches.

Speaking about the tournament, Md. Mushtaque Ahmad, Secretary General, Hockey India said, “We started the Hockey India 5-a-side Senior National Hockey Championship last year with the aim of providing an additional platform for players to showcase their potential in a unique alternate format of the sport. With the announcement of the 2nd edition of the tournament, we hope to build on the success of last year where we saw players and spectators enjoying the shorter version of the sport which has gained popularity internationally for being a spectator-friendly event.”

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