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IFSC signs multi-year deals with Dentsu and Synca Creations

Synca Creations will sell media rights of IFSC Events
IFSC Events (Image: facebook)

The International Federation of Sport Climbing, IFSC, signs Dentsu and Synca Creations as the official marketing and media rights agencies for the IFSC events during 2019-2023.

Dentsu Inc., based in Tokyo, is the world’s largest advertising agency brand and the marketing agency of the Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic & Paralympic Games.

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Also headquartered in Tokyo, Synca Creations Inc. is a TV production and distribution company which has been a media partner of the IFSC in Japan since 2013.

Deal with Dentsu and Synca Creations is Historic

The agreement grants Dentsu and Synca Creations rights to the procurement and negotiation of incoming IFSC marketing and media deals (media rights for Asia Pacific (excluding China), Latin America (and the Caribbean) for IFSC events in the 2019-2023 climbing seasons.

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“We are proud to have earned the trust of Dentsu and Synca (Synca Creations) and to receive strong support from leading players in the marketing and sport worlds. This historic agreement opens new heights for our sport, new horizons for our athletes and events, and strengthens our presence in Japan ahead of the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

This milestone deal will enable us to consolidate our organisation and invest in key developments to enhance the attractiveness of Sport Climbing and its strong appeal among youth,” says Marco Scolaris, IFSC President.

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Dentsu’s corporate philosophy of “Good Innovation” focuses on combining ideas, technology and entrepreneurship to generate new value and create positive change for people and society.

In addition to attracting new sponsors and broadcasters, Dentsu and Synca are working alongside the IFSC to increase the production value of IFSC events.

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The IFSC produces live coverage for television and online consumption of approximately 16 international Sport Climbing events per year and offers live delivery. Additionally, the IFSC distributes 26-minute monthly highlights to over 140 countries on all five continents.

“The impressive speed, strength and endurance of athletes at IFSC events inspire viewers everywhere to get up and climb. This agreement helps empower us to share the very best of their abilities with the world.”

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“It is the fruit of a collaboration of confidence carried out since several years, in Japan and all over the world, to promote a sport with unique and universal characteristics,” says Anne Fuynel, IFSC Marketing & Communications Director.

“Dentsu and Synca (Synca Creations) share our interest in social responsibility and making a positive difference in the world. We look forward to bringing in new brands who are passionate about Sport Climbing and believe in IFSC values, the Olympic dream and a better world,” concludes Debra Gawrych, IFSC Secretary General.


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