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ISL 5: “Spanish style suits Indian players”- Jesus Tato

A former player of FC Pune City and now as an assistant coach of FC Goa, Jesus Tato feels that Tiki-Taka football suits Indian players.

“Spanish players aren’t heavily built like some other countries and kind of share the physique with Indian players. Having played in the ISL and now into coaching, I feel this style suits Indian players. Though it is hard for them to learn tactics as we in Spain are used to it since we start playing but here they are getting used to it,” he says.

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Marcos Tebar, after leading the Delhi Dynamos to the semi-finals in the third edition of ISL, agrees with Tato on the remark.

Marcos being a part of FC Goa last season feels that there has been a good change since the third season of the Indian Super League. “Indian players are technically good but it is tough for them to learn tactics quickly. However they are coping it well and there has been good change since ISL season 3,” said Marcos in a press conference.

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Spain has a record of achieving World Cup success in 2010 with Tiki-Taka football. They have recently failed to replicate the same in the following quadrennial events in Brazil and Russia. Still the ball possession tactics remains the most preferred style in the European Countries, who are crazy for football.

In the Indian Super League, there have been an influx of Spanish coaches and players. The Indian fans have witnessed the style of Tiki-Taka in the league since inception.

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The fifth edition of the Indian Super League is yet to shove more of the style of ball possession in the fifth edition. Out of the total of 10 teams, 5 franchises have Spanish head coaches. The Spanish coaches have not failed to reveal that the style suits the Indians.

The Indian players are technically sound but they need to improve tactically and share the same built as the Spanish players.
Out of the five franchises, FC Goa is the only one to retain Spaniard Sergio Lobera.

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The squad has undergone hardly any changes and are likely to undergo possession football. “I have worked with Lobera and I know his style of play. We want to recreate last year’s style of play and want to be tighter at the back,” said former player of FC Pune City, Tato.

Delhi Dynamos have also adopted to the Spanish style as they had Miguel Portugal as the head coach in the last season. Fellow Spanish coach Joseph Gombau has come up to hold on the same philosophy as his predecessor. “I want to continue on the similar lines (as Portugal),” says Gombau.

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FC Pune City in the fifth season of the ISL will have ball possession philosophy as Portugal likes to incorporate his patent style in his new team. Delhi Dynamos-Portugal’s former team-last season was hammered in the earlier part of the previous season.
Apart from the Spaniards, Portuguese coach Jorge Costa will be leading Mumbai City FC with the same philosophy.


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