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5 Greatest Tennis Rivalries Of Open Era: Men’s Tennis

Tennis is a sport that thrives on rivalries. In every generation there have been players who battled against each other for matches, titles and history. In this process fans have been treated with intense on-court battles and moments to cherish for a lifetime.

5Federer vs Djokovic

Federer vs Djokovic (Image: Facebook)

Federer and Djokovic have faced each other 47 times, since their first match in Monte Carlo in 2006. Although Federer was pretty dominant in the early part of their rivalry and even won all of their first 4 meetings, it was Novak who wrestled control in the later part and continues to have an upper hand in match wins till now.

One of the trademark features of their rivalry is contrasting style of play. Federer likes to attack and often come to the net while Djokovic has one of the best defenses in history and an excellent baseline game.

Another important feature of their rivalry has been some personal differences off the court. Novak’s frequent retirements from the matches early in his career didn’t go well with Roger. He even called Novak as, “bit of a joke”. When Djokovic defeated Federer in the Australian Open semi final of 2008, the Serb’s mother told the press, “the king is dead”, referring to the end of Roger’s dominance.

The same year in Monte Carlo Federer would turn to Djokovic’s parents in the stands telling them to “keep quiet” as they interrupted the line judges calls. Even today the personal tensions between the two legends are visible.

In recent years, Djokovic has pretty much dominated his great Swiss rival and leads their head to head by 25 -22 in 47 matches. In fact the rivalry can be divided in two stages. Till 2010, Federer was dominant winning 13 out of their 19 matches but since then Djokovic has been on a roll winning 19 of the 28 matches. Novak has also defeated Roger in all of their last 4 meetings.



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